Monday, August 27, 2012

Marry Me at Marriot Hotel A Grand Wedding Fair

Photo Credit: Marriot Hotel Facebook Page
Its another weekend but last weekend is a different experience. I was able to attend the Wedding fair sponsored by Marriot Hotel. I didn't know about the said event but I am thankful because Kessa was able to RSVP adding me as her friend.

Below are the wedding dresses displayed at the lobby of Marriot Hotel. (please bear with me as I didnt bring my camera, photos are produced via the camera of my blackberry phone)

1. Wedding Gown created by Joel Bautista:

2. A Filipiniana Inspired Wedding gown by Frederick Peralta:

3. A Rosa Clara wedding gown:

4.Regina Yulo's beautiful wedding gown:

5. Ferdie Abuel heavily beaded wedding gown:

6. A perfect brides dress by James Reyes:

7. Fanny Serrano's wedding dress

8. A Veejay Floresca's wedding dress:

9. Dennis Martin Wedding Gown:

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Wonder’s of Washi Tape!

My friend Kessa who actually influences me to do blogging now continues to influence me to have a niche in Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts. One day she handed me a pencil that was covered with washi tape. It was eccentrically beautiful and I really love it. Yes it is beautiful and really attractive.

Maybe you have heard of it a lot of times in Pinterest, blogs or even in social networking sites. I don’t basically know what the washi tape is made up off. One thing is for sure this uniquely designed tape is a must haves for those who would like to add some designed on their pretty boring things that they have.

Where did I buy it?

Kessa sent me a link actually and told her that they are beautiful. The moment I learned that she is buying some again I already asked her to add some of my orders as well. I bought 5 different pieces and it only costs me Php 500.00.

We bought our Washi Tape at

What Did I Do With my Washi Tape.

I covered my blackberry gel case with Washi Tape...

I've added some twist to my boring stapler.

My friends MP3 is quite old already so when he was sleeping I took his MP3 and covered it with my Washi Tape.

My sister was actually amused when she saw her organizer was all covered with Washi Tape...

I've helped Kessa cover her clothes pin with Washi tape....

My Sister loved the Washi Tape so she covered her own pencil and ballpens with Washi Tape too... (she did it when I was sleeping) LOL

My pen in the office is also covered with WASHI TAPE....

Ops there's one more... my sharpener, I almost forgot... so I covered it too....

Hmmmmm? What's next? My Fridge maybe or my television.... LOL
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Point to Ponder

I think that there's no formula to be successful. All we need is hard work, time management and a well defined goal. Your perseverance and dedication to that goal you have set is also needed.

As I write this I would say that I would like to ponder more and realign my goals be it at work or my personal goals and objective to be better.
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Stay Positive

Over the past week we were hit tremendously with non stop heavy rains. It is in deed a few of those difficult times. The best part of being a Filipino is we still find a way to laugh, smile or joke around.

I think positivity is innate to a Filipino's heart.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Different kind of Salary

I saw a post in facebook that was shared on my friends time line on different kind of salary. See the kind of salary below and tell me what kind of salary you got.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A touch of Mandaue

It is healthy  I would say to be a couch potato most especially during your rest days. To at least ease your tired mind and to relax those aching muscles after a hard work for the whole week.

A touch of Mandaue Foam and Furniture would definitely complete your rest day or your couch potato day. 

If you are like me who needs to have a multiple purpose for your sofa. I think this are the furniture that is really best for you.

 To have a sofa bed is indeed fashionable it is multipurpose. Imagine you have a bed and a sofa built in one. I wanted this because I have the habit of sleeping in my living room while watching my favorite telenovela's.
 Or what about this furniture that would complete the look of your study room or a chair in your bedroom.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Sister's Tenth look

She is wearing a dress but she added a black blazer.

I would suggest you use skinny jeans or black leggings as pants.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Sister's Eleventh Look

Pink shirt with really good sleeve.

You can pair this with skinny jeans.
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Friday, August 3, 2012


Last July 8 2012, I attended the said General Orientation for Parents and guardian for incoming freshmen of Adamson University.

The guest speakers provided a really inspiring talks (a little bit boring though).

I have to commend the Master of Ceremony for the following:

  • He has a very good voice modulation. He sounded like I am watching the BB Pilipinas Universe.
  • He has a sense of humor. He has a way of keeping his audience alive.
  • He also has a way of breaking the monotony of the program.
During the program as well I had the chance to watch the Adamson Chorale. Well what can I say they have a very wonderful voice. They have a good stage presence. They have a true ice breaker. They're performance is unexpected performance of their comedic MR DREAMBOY performance.

The Mr Dreamboy is really a beautiful performance, very artistic!

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