Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do Schools Really Need a Library!

I remember growing up that books are so essential in studying and that is the reason why we go to library to look for books for my homework and research papers. It is important for us way back then but it is really important nowadays?

Having a traditional library at school is expensive. It is expensive because you need to have a room to store the books, we need to hire a librarian, we need to have a storage process to make sure that we are storing the books properly.

Whereas it is cheaper to just have a computer room, where school children would just go online and start researching from their. Everything is found their. The updates happens in a split of seconds. However, this is not advisable for elementary and high school.

For me, traditional libraries is more essential. It is a most a school should have. The library teaches so many things to our children. It teaches our school to be patient, to look for the proper reference for their school research. It teaches them to read and understand what they are reading.

That is why "The Project Mountain Alphabet" is born. We simply wanted to share your old and new books to schools who doesn't have a library. To challenge the teachers to bring their students to library once a week to train them how to use the library and above all to make sure these children understand what they are reading.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Project Mountain Alphabet - Make it Viral!

We then appeal to your kind heart to help us! We need your pledge. We hope to give them other school materials as well like world map, globe, and also school supplies. If we all shell out a hundred bucks out of our pocket then it would be very helpful. Imagine, if we all combine our resources, then we can go the distance. We can buy so many things.

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