Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

When I am browsing my friends facebook wall over the weekend I stumble upon this cute but very meaningful picture she uploaded.

According to when you use the word "boss" as a verb it would or might mean "to order about, especially in an ARROGANT manner" whereas a leader is a person that leads.

I would say, anywhere else in the world most are actually BOSS but only few are LEADERS.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Power of Hair Style

When we wake up in the morning the last thing we do is of course to make sure our hair look good. Most specially for women, they spend hours in front of the mirror just to make sure they look good and their hair is at their best.

Last Friday night my friend and the rest of the gang meet up to watch and support one of the candidates in a certain contest and of course after the contest they spread up the folding table, cornik, junk food and of course red horse.

While they were chatting and making fun about all issues and throwing each others jokes and laughing out loud. Mama Anjhie is just so busy doing her best hair craft to one of our friend Carla.

Amazingly, the hairstyle is awesome.

 See the before and after hairstyle. From straight long hair to a centipede looking hairstyle.


Here's more of the centipede hair.
Anjhie call this Hairstyle: "BONE"
Here are some of Anjhie's work:

Anjhie at work!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Heavenly Man

After graduating college, I struggled finding a job. After 2 months of extensive job hunting I finally got one. It doesn't pay me enough to pay my own bills so I have to engage myself in selling beauty products in terms just for me to earn a few more extra income.

One fine Saturday, I went to church with my aunt and my cousins. It was the usual worship I thought. Then after our Saturday mass I happen to chat with the usual people I know that I haven't talk to for the past years. It was nice and warm.

Then my aunt told me that I should read this blue book. So, I just OK let me read it at my boarding house when I get home. So I just placed it on my bag and continued chatting with few acquaintances and trying to catch up.

When I got home in the afternoon. I got so bored, then I realized that I have borrowed a book. I started reading the book. I felt the agony and hardship of the main character Brother Yun. I felt the terror and horror  he has to undergo.

I would say that this is a must read book. It merely talks about Faith. How to keep your faith to God in times of your hardest part of your life. This book has thought me how to become positive because my hardship is far better than that of the main characters experience. Every time I felt so down, all I need to do is remember this story of Brother Yun. His story inspire me and it is as if he is telling me that  I am still bless because I dont have to endure the pains he has undergone.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Themes & Motifs: The Philippine Wedding Summit

I just had a wonderful time earlier at the World Trade Center its indeed "The Grandest Midyear Wedding Fair By Themes & Motifs"

It was my first time to attend such an event and I just set aside all my hesitation and just enjoy the said event.

This wedding summit rocks.... so if you are planning to have your wedding this fourth quarter this year or next year I would suggest you attend their upcoming Philippine Wedding Summit on September.
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Salcedo Village Weekend Market

There's no way of you going there without buying anything. Because technically everything is in there already, from food to kitchen accessories to street foods to vegetables and flowers.

I wont be surprise when someday you go there and apparels available already.

I have selected a few that you could either use it in your kitchen or for your personal use.

As you can see there are ceramics and also china wears available. What I love the most are these little teacups below.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitchen Accessories: Wood Carve

My friend told me that I must visit Salcedo Village Weekend Market. Salcedo Village Weekend Market is located at Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila.

So one weekend I decided to drop by at the weekend market and see how it goes and experience an open market at the park.

 I took a lot of photos that interest. One of which are the plants seen on my previous articles and this wood carve Kitchen amenities that you might want to use in your own kitchen or simply use them as a decoration.

The prices of this wood carved kitchen items actually vary depending on the store and also its kind.

Of course you can try your bargaining power as this is very common in the Philippines. I think it is unusual if you want an item in a flee market to just pay the price. So try bargaining if you happen to visit and decided to buy some item.

I have decided to add this as a kitchen accesories because I myself is fun of wood carve kitchen item. I used to have a few of them until I decided to move and work here in Manila.

The Salcedo Village Weekend Market is open from 6 AM to 2:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Depending on the type of house you have and the space you can always have plants around your house. It is perceived by many scholars and researchers that having plants in or around your house have a healthy benefit for humans.

So when you decide to have this plant adorn your front yard or backyard you could choose from the different types of plants.

For me, I would prefer to have a flowering plants around my house be it a hanging plant or shrubs and bushes or any other type of garden plants. I want a combination of flowering and leafy plants. So I would have variations of colors thus it is more attractive.

Orchids of course is on my list... I would love the idea of having a lot of it makes me feel good. Its flower's are so lovely making me feel relaxed.

It give's me a dreamy relaxing feeling.

And the green leafy plants just compliments them all.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Plants as House Accessories

Adding a plant in your house could somehow add color into your house. So make sure to have the appropriate plant and plant size. Of course you don't want your house to be over powered by the plant. Plants should only accentuate and bring life into your house.

Smaller type of plants should definitely be in the tables. You can even personalize your pots to make sure it matches your table and style.


Window panes are also a perfect spot for your plants to go. Depending again on your Window Pane you can either put a small plants or a bigger one. Again, it would be better to have a personalized pots for them. You can either paint the flower pots or have it covered or buy a much nicer looking flower pots or either a flowering plant or a leafy plant. Choosing the right plant is all up to your taste.

You can also add a plant on the corners of your house. Proper placing, size and flower stand are necessary. 

For me personally, plants provides a lot of benefits aside from accentuation of the house or beautification purposes i also believe that there's a healthy benefit of the plant. For me, it is healthier for a house to have a plant in the house. I do believe that plants are there to clean the air. Aside from that, a real plant brings a living energy into the house as it also brightening it up. Having a plant in the house is just like having a pet too. I felt relaxed when I felt I am so tired for the days work load. I felt distressed and energized.

So, start choosing the right plant and the right size. I would prefer to have more leafy plants than a cactus in my window pane and cactus plant on my table. I would also prefer to have plants on the corners of my house.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Living Room Idea's

Living room is the busiest part of the house. It is where we do most of our activities and of course it is where we meet our visitors. Below are some ideas we could use as an inspiration for our living rooms.

 I would say that color is very important in creating a very good mood and giving character to our living room.

 Choosing the right color for your living room will always be a problem more so if you are picking the color that doesn't speak your personality. Sometimes, color can also cheat the size of your living room. Some color would definitely make your room bigger.

So to avoid this I would suggest you keep it simple and have at least 2 colors only. It would look better and nicer and it wouldn't contradict each. Also, choose the color that would match your wall decors and living room accessories or vice versa.

 Wall paper can also give more details to your living room. It also give design and activity in the wall. It gives more definition. Just make sure that this wall paper would not over power the wall paints and wall decors.

 If decided to have a wall paper instead of paint always make sure to have a white base paint first to smothen the surface of the wall before pasting the wallpaper.

To be safe, wall papers are as good as decorations already so match your curtain to the wallpaper and do not over accessories your wall. Also, make sure that your furniture and wallpaper should compliment each other and not over powering.

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