Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Mountain Alphabet: A Donate a/for a Book Campaign

Together we can make a difference!
We always need someone to help us achieve what we want or what we dream. Sometimes all we need to do is pat someone else’s shoulder and let them know what you want. Sometimes we simply just need to open our eyes and see what’s going on in our community.
It has been a month since I started asking around for their help to help me in my project which we call it “Project Mountain Alphabets”.
What’s with the name?
The Project Mountain Alphabet aims to give pupils studying in the mountains have their own library. This is a chance for them to have a wide selection of reading materials to feed their curious mind. A project wanting these kids to give them books to prepare them for a bigger and brighter future.
What’s the on-going project?
Our first project is to provide an ample amount of book to Colalo Elementary School. So I started tapping almost everyone that I encounter. I am thankful and felt so blessed because there are many who are responding positively and so the quest continues to collect books.
What else do they need?
Upon reviewing the pictures my brother sent me, I happen to notice one of the captions that says they are planting Baguio Beans and collecting used sando bags to be sold at the market for them to buy school supplies for their students. My colleague suggested bringing school supplies there as well.
Up to date, we have collected an ample amount of old National Geographic Magazines, Old Encyclopedia, Old Text Books, etc. We still need new story books as well. We are looking for children science magazine and or any informative materials for them to use as a reference.
We then appeal to your kind heart to help us! We need your pledge. We hope to give them other school materials as well like world map, globe, and also school supplies. If we all shell out a hundred bucks out of our pocket then it would be very helpful. Imagine, if we all combine our resources, then we can go the distance. We can buy so many things.

Contact me now for details:
Charlton Kis-ing
BPI Account Number: 0443715177
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Donate A Book Campaign

Its gift giving season again.
The season that every kids are waiting.
The time where they are expecting what Santa would give them.

"We Need Books Help Us!"

One school in Benguet had a Christmas wish. They wished for a book to be placed in their library. They wanted to have a book to read. They want to read something different, something educational.

This is their library. That's the book they read.
So why not unclutter your house and donate those books to this children who wants to have something to read. Lets give them the books they wished for. Lets make their Christmas Season. Or shell out a few hundred bucks from your wallet so we could buy them new books, electric fan, school supplies.

The School where your books will finally settle.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Donate a Book Campaign

It was such a nice and fulfilling when we look back to our childhood days. For now you might miss your dear friends that you haven't seen for so many years. You might be remembering the games you played.

When I went back to my hometown I realized that I have grown big literary big. I gained weight hahaha kidding aside. My brother Jan Irvin actually ask me to help in his on going project in building a library in the school where he is working. I suddenly realized that it was the same school where my mother work when I was studying and I remembered they never had a library and so that was the birth of this campaign to help them build the library that was long overdue.

So I am appealing to my dear readers to help donate a book. We are also accepting cash so we could buy some books they need. I strongly believe that when we all work together we can help educate every children who are willing not just to read but also willing to gain knowledge. I also believe that the knowledge they gained by reading lots and lots of books is their weapon as they grow. Together, through books or cash we share, we solve literacy problem. Together, through these books, we are helping these children to dream more and dream big.

I remember when I was being thought by my parents on how to read, we use old story books. I thought then that I am unlucky because I am using an old book, the pages is definitely tearing apart. However I was wrong. I am actually lucky because I have a book that I was able to use. I am lucky because of that book I was able to dream and to succeed.

After this project we would like to continue searching for schools to build their library. Our first beneficiary is Colalo Elementary School located at Barangay Colalo Mankayan Benguet. Colalo is actually near the boundary of Mankayan Benguet and Cervantes Ilocos Sur.

For our donors within Metro Manila, I can meet you at any MRT or LRT stations.

To all interested parties (local and international) who would like to share their books and or donate a cash please email me at
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