Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Story Books from Cupcakes

Yey! Here are some brand new story books from selling cupcakes in the office. I am very happy to see the product of joint effort from different people. 

Thank you Angela Chua for really taking your time in going around the metro to find good and reasonable books. 

These books has English and Tagalog Version in one book.

I would like to pull the time and to see the reaction of those kids when they'll go to school and surprise them with their library full of books.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Project Mountain Alphabet Fund Raising Activity

Everything seems impossible when we are starting the Project Mountain Alphabet. Everything seems so distant. I even don't know how to start the project. However, as I open up with my friends and colleagues everything seems so easy. Ideas are blooming like a bud of flower. Help are pouring in like a drop of rain coming from the sky, a blessing from the sky. Volunteers are sprouting up like a grain of wheat from the field, very eager to grow and bear fruit.

So one of the idea that I came across from a friend is to sell cupcakes at a higher price since it is for a charity work which we did. One of our colleagues volunteered to bake the cupcake and sell it to us on an even price just enough to augment the price of the ingredients.

We sent a blast email to our colleagues and orders came in. I would like to take this chance to Thank all of them for sparing a little of their financial resources to help for a good cause. We were able to raise more or less a Php 2000. This can buy a few good story books that we still could share to the pupils of Colalo Elementary School.

I am sure that they would love reading the books we all share. I am sure they will cherish every moment they would spent in the library. I am sure they would always look back at their school and will remember that somehow, somewhere someone was out there willing to share what they have for them to learn and to be better.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feb 14 is International Book Giving Day

We are participating in the International Book Giving Day. International Book Giving Day is an organization aimed to give used or brand new books to the hands of many children all across the globe.Accordingly there are 3 simple ways to celebrate International Book Giving Day. On February 14 you can 1. Give a book to a friend or a family member 2. Leave a book in a waiting room or lobby where there are children. and lastly 3. Donate a Book to a charitable institution or individuals like The Project Mountain Alphabet.

What we would do to celebrate?

We are still collecting used or brand new books from individual and or organizations all across the globe (if possible) and to fellow Filipinos. The book they shared will then be wrapped and shipped to Colalo Elementary School for our first beneficiary. We are helping them have their own working library.

Furthermore, we are doing fund raising. At present we are selling cupcakes to our office mates. The amount we collected will be used in buying brand new books on February 14 to be added to our collection. Also, I started collected plastic bottles to be sold on or before February 14 to be added to our collections of brand new books for Colalo Elementary School.

Lastly, we appeal to the public to help us make it happen. We are accepting all kinds of donations (in cash or in kind). Rest assured that it goes to our beneficiaries 100%.

For inquiries please feel free to send me an email at
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Red Velvet Cupcake Fund Raising Was A Success

Last year, I had a fund raising campaign to help so we could buy new books (story books) for our Project Mountain Alphabet Campaign.

I am thankful to my colleagues who had shell out some of their money to help out. The best Christmas gift is the gift of giving, sharing and the heart and willingness to help others who are lesser fortunate. I myself is so proud with all of them because I know they too have their errands but they still showed their support.

The project red velvet cupcake definitely had helped us a lot to gather a penny to buy new books.

I will post the pictures soon.
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Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 - A New Hope

Its 2013 another year to look forward to and another year to be hopeful as to what it could bring to us. I, myself is really hoping that 2013 is a brighter year for everyone. I am not saying that 2012 is a bad year in fact it was a very good year. Though for me 2012 is such a roller coaster year. I had my ups and definitely had my downs.

My best month though is October. It is the the birth month of "The Project Mountain Alphabet", an adopt a school library which aims to helping its beneficiary elementary school. This also became a bridge for me to be given the chance to start working with people who had pure hearts to helping people. The feeling is totally magnificent because they responded to my plea even though I am a total stranger to them. They gave up their old books, old encyclopedia, old magazines (readers digest and National Geographic Magazines), story books and old encyclopedia. I am also thankful to my colleagues because of their undying support to this project.

I started posting about it in Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites and there were people who actually responded to my plea. People whom I actually don't know, a total stranger with a pure hearts. I was able to collect an ample amount of old books. This March we intend to bring these books to Colalo Elementary School, our first recipient to the said project. Hoping to get more and more pupils to engaged into reading. Hoping that these books would be damaged not because of carelessness but because it is being read by many.

The reason why despite the challenges of this project because I always believer that a person who reads books would never be ignorant. A book for me is an instrument for youngster to dream big and soar high. Book reading is an integral part of education. How could a teacher teach their students on somethings if they don't have the resources to use. This is the main reason why we put "The Project Mountain Alphabet" to help the school teachers and students expand their knowledge through reading.

Be part of our campaign. I worked at night but I devote all my weekend collecting books. Who knows the child you helped today might be your children's doctor tomorrow, or a policeman, fireman, a politician. Let us give them a chance.

Our group is not limiting our donors to books we can collect anything you want to share. I am sure there will always be a place for every donations we received. Anything your heart wishes to share to these students.

We started it in 2012 now we will continue the quest to build or adopt a school libraries this 2013. Your help is greatly appreciated:

We are accepting:
  • All kinds of books (encyclopedia, dictionary, books to be used as a reading materials, science books,  story books, etc)
  • School Supplies (bags, shoes, pencil, elementary pad papers, intermediate pad papers, ball pens, bond papers, crayons, etc)
  • Slippers, used clothes for children
For those interested parties you can leave a comment with your mobile phone number or email address or you can contact me directly like our facebook fan page:

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