Saturday, December 15, 2012

Its Christmas: Why not give a book for Colalo Elementary School

This month marks the season of gift giving. A season where we give fancy gifts to our family members, friends or to our God-Children. Am sure you have bought and wrap all your gifts already. I myself had wrapped and some of it has been delivered already to its recipient.

However, I appeal to your heart to give out your old books for a school in Benguet. I am organizing an adopt a school library program. I am thankful to all the people who had helped me in one way or  the other. I am most thankful to those who are still helping me collect books or cash.

Colalo Elementary School is located at the Municipality of Mankayan. Barangay Colalo where the school stands is located at the tip of Mankayan and near Cervantes Ilocos Sur. Gardening is the major means of livelihood of the said community.

The school used to have a mini-school library when it was established. However, the school sank last July 2009 and so are the books in the library. My mother was then teaching in that school when this tragedy happened. The teachers have to unearth some of the books in order for them to have something to use. Luckily they were able to save a total of 209 books and after so many years after the tragedy with their new school these books are now being used by the new generation of students.

Today, my brother Jan Irvin Kis-ing is teaching there. I rarely see my siblings since I am miles away from them. I went home when he and his wife got married. When everyone is celebrating he asked me if I could donate a book because he is planning to have the school library grow and to have a new sets of books. Of course I agreed. In my mind, my brother is really a teacher, he still thinks about his students even though it is his big day.

I suddenly remembered a quote by Louis L'Amour:  “For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.” I totally agree.

You might be donating an old fiction, biography, history or encyclopedia but the information within these old books could be used by these kids to learn new things and to explore the wonders of their imaginations. Remember knowledge is power, lets give these kids the power the books can create.

Together, we can help build a library. A room where the minds of these little kids be sharpened, a place for these kids to gain knowledge, and a  place where our could jump start their quest of knowledge their weapon to face their future.

"Ako po ay namamasko sa inyong lahat para sa mga mag-aaral ng Colalo Elementary School!" Panoorin po natin ang aking ihinandang video.

To help please email me at We are accepting any form of donations.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do Schools Really Need a Library!

I remember growing up that books are so essential in studying and that is the reason why we go to library to look for books for my homework and research papers. It is important for us way back then but it is really important nowadays?

Having a traditional library at school is expensive. It is expensive because you need to have a room to store the books, we need to hire a librarian, we need to have a storage process to make sure that we are storing the books properly.

Whereas it is cheaper to just have a computer room, where school children would just go online and start researching from their. Everything is found their. The updates happens in a split of seconds. However, this is not advisable for elementary and high school.

For me, traditional libraries is more essential. It is a most a school should have. The library teaches so many things to our children. It teaches our school to be patient, to look for the proper reference for their school research. It teaches them to read and understand what they are reading.

That is why "The Project Mountain Alphabet" is born. We simply wanted to share your old and new books to schools who doesn't have a library. To challenge the teachers to bring their students to library once a week to train them how to use the library and above all to make sure these children understand what they are reading.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Project Mountain Alphabet - Make it Viral!

We then appeal to your kind heart to help us! We need your pledge. We hope to give them other school materials as well like world map, globe, and also school supplies. If we all shell out a hundred bucks out of our pocket then it would be very helpful. Imagine, if we all combine our resources, then we can go the distance. We can buy so many things.

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Mountain Alphabet: A Donate a/for a Book Campaign

Together we can make a difference!
We always need someone to help us achieve what we want or what we dream. Sometimes all we need to do is pat someone else’s shoulder and let them know what you want. Sometimes we simply just need to open our eyes and see what’s going on in our community.
It has been a month since I started asking around for their help to help me in my project which we call it “Project Mountain Alphabets”.
What’s with the name?
The Project Mountain Alphabet aims to give pupils studying in the mountains have their own library. This is a chance for them to have a wide selection of reading materials to feed their curious mind. A project wanting these kids to give them books to prepare them for a bigger and brighter future.
What’s the on-going project?
Our first project is to provide an ample amount of book to Colalo Elementary School. So I started tapping almost everyone that I encounter. I am thankful and felt so blessed because there are many who are responding positively and so the quest continues to collect books.
What else do they need?
Upon reviewing the pictures my brother sent me, I happen to notice one of the captions that says they are planting Baguio Beans and collecting used sando bags to be sold at the market for them to buy school supplies for their students. My colleague suggested bringing school supplies there as well.
Up to date, we have collected an ample amount of old National Geographic Magazines, Old Encyclopedia, Old Text Books, etc. We still need new story books as well. We are looking for children science magazine and or any informative materials for them to use as a reference.
We then appeal to your kind heart to help us! We need your pledge. We hope to give them other school materials as well like world map, globe, and also school supplies. If we all shell out a hundred bucks out of our pocket then it would be very helpful. Imagine, if we all combine our resources, then we can go the distance. We can buy so many things.

Contact me now for details:
Charlton Kis-ing
BPI Account Number: 0443715177
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Donate A Book Campaign

Its gift giving season again.
The season that every kids are waiting.
The time where they are expecting what Santa would give them.

"We Need Books Help Us!"

One school in Benguet had a Christmas wish. They wished for a book to be placed in their library. They wanted to have a book to read. They want to read something different, something educational.

This is their library. That's the book they read.
So why not unclutter your house and donate those books to this children who wants to have something to read. Lets give them the books they wished for. Lets make their Christmas Season. Or shell out a few hundred bucks from your wallet so we could buy them new books, electric fan, school supplies.

The School where your books will finally settle.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Donate a Book Campaign

It was such a nice and fulfilling when we look back to our childhood days. For now you might miss your dear friends that you haven't seen for so many years. You might be remembering the games you played.

When I went back to my hometown I realized that I have grown big literary big. I gained weight hahaha kidding aside. My brother Jan Irvin actually ask me to help in his on going project in building a library in the school where he is working. I suddenly realized that it was the same school where my mother work when I was studying and I remembered they never had a library and so that was the birth of this campaign to help them build the library that was long overdue.

So I am appealing to my dear readers to help donate a book. We are also accepting cash so we could buy some books they need. I strongly believe that when we all work together we can help educate every children who are willing not just to read but also willing to gain knowledge. I also believe that the knowledge they gained by reading lots and lots of books is their weapon as they grow. Together, through books or cash we share, we solve literacy problem. Together, through these books, we are helping these children to dream more and dream big.

I remember when I was being thought by my parents on how to read, we use old story books. I thought then that I am unlucky because I am using an old book, the pages is definitely tearing apart. However I was wrong. I am actually lucky because I have a book that I was able to use. I am lucky because of that book I was able to dream and to succeed.

After this project we would like to continue searching for schools to build their library. Our first beneficiary is Colalo Elementary School located at Barangay Colalo Mankayan Benguet. Colalo is actually near the boundary of Mankayan Benguet and Cervantes Ilocos Sur.

For our donors within Metro Manila, I can meet you at any MRT or LRT stations.

To all interested parties (local and international) who would like to share their books and or donate a cash please email me at
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Americas Next Top Model: College Edition

I am a fan of Americas Next Top Model and I adore Tyra Banks for so many reason.I really make sure that I watch every episode not because I am a fan of a specific contestant but I am a fan of the show it self. I love the way the judges critique. I love it in a way that they aren't bias. They're straight forward. The make over is also my favorite. I love those contestants who loves and embraces their make over.

This Edition was my favorite though. It is my favorite in a sense that the fan voices are being heard. Of course as a fan I also have my own guess as to who could be on the TOP 3 at then end. Well its still too early to make a choice but if they would push themselves more to be better then they might be ending it all up with these lovely ladies.

After watching last weeks episode I finally made up my top 3 choices. They are the one's that I think who has the most potentials of becoming a million dollar model. They are not just beautiful but they also have the UGLY-PRETTY Attitude. They also have the H2T capability. All they need to do is to listen on the critiques and internalize their character and emotions in every pictorial moving forward. If they were able to do it, then am sure they would make it to the TOP 3.

My first choice is Britney. For me, she just need to work on eye expression and angle as this may be the reason that would send her home. She is stunning from her previous photo until this Zombified pictorials she is consistently making it. She is worth it all.

Amongst my choices as well is Laura. I wasn't interested at her in the beginning but her H2T posing on their Zombie challenge made me really think otherwise. All she needs to do this time is to be consistent in her performance. She needs to be careful on her facial expression and body language sometimes. This might be a reason for her to be sent home.

To compose my top 3 is Victoria. She is strong but could this be just a beginners luck? She is already a pretty girl. All she needs to do is learn more of her facial expressions. She needs to try to be Ugly Pretty when it is needed. She would also need to work on her angles, she's tall but i think on her last challenge i felt that she is the smallest of the bunch. Her facial expression needs to be worked on as well. Or else she might not be staying long in the competition. She needs to learn how to hold off her emotions as well because it might wear her off and will go home on her free will.


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

V-Mobile: Is it a Multi-Level Marketing Suitable for You

This is the same question that struck me when a college friend sent me a message through facebook. I got really interested.

I immediately thought of making it a personal business so I could earn an extra income. What made me more really interested with V-Mobile is the product, its easy to pitch to a lot of people because of the fact that prepaid is really popular in the Philippines.

Below are few information about the business my friend Lou Franz has offered me. In case you have more question you can directly contact her:

VMobile Technopreneur
Contact Number: 015655700 (Cambodia)/09275752145

What is VMobile?

VMobile is a Network Marketing Business wherein you get CONVENIENCE, DISCOUNTS & EXTRA INCOME.  Established in April of 2008 as the latest addition to PentaCapital Group of Companies. PentaCapital is a leading independent investment house in the Philippines.

In one of my blog article I mentioned about knowing your product and your own market. So what is the MARKET for V-Mobile that made me really interested are those people who has a PRE-PAID CELLPHONE. They are your market!

VMobile Member Benefits

CONVENIENCE - Load yourself and your family anytime & anywhere.
DISCOUNTS - Get 10%-14% LIFETIME Discounts on Prepaid Load Products.
TECHNOUSER ACCESS CARD SIGN UPS - Your Marketing Kit includes 20 Technouser Access Cards sold at P250 each.  This allows a person to register an account with VMobile and get discounts for their prepaid load consumption.  TechnoUsers are ELIGIBLE to earn under myTURF Program as well.  Selling these cards gives you P5,000.00 Return On Investment.

DSI (UNLIMITED Direct Sales Incentive) - EARN P500 for every Technopreneur that signs up under you for P3,988.00.

VMobile Member Benefits:

1. CONVENIENCE - Load yourself and your family anytime & anywhere. Just imagine that you won’t have to go out of your house if there’s a typhoon or if it’s too hot just to buy load for yourself because with VMobile, you can load yourself. Also just imagine na sa madaling araw at nawalan ng load ikaw at may emergency na kailangan mong tumawag, you don’t need to find an open store or a 24 hour convenience store para maloadan lang, delikado sa labas, but with VMobile, you can already load yourself, safe ka pa.
2. DISCOUNTS - Get 10%-14% LIFETIME Discounts on over 300 Prepaid Load Products.
3. EXTRA INCOME - You EARN by SHARING the benefits you have by being a VMobile member to other prepaid consumers. You just ENDORSE the company, walang pilitan. Tutal naman kung hindi sila maniwala sa ‘yo, OK lang. Hindi naman ikaw ang nawalan. Bakit? After 20 years ba utak na ang gagamitin for communication? Hindi naman po, diba? Cellphone pa din. Bukas, makalawa, next week, magpapaload pa din naman sila pero tayo may discount, sila wala, tayo may convenience, sila wala. Kaya ganun lang po yun, walang pilitan. :)

If you are a VMobile member, you call yourself as a TECHNOPRENEUR. As a Technopreneur, you have 7 WAYS TO EARN.


1. PERSONAL DISCOUNT that ranges from 10 to 14% on over 300 prepaid products using just ONE SIM. Yes, if you have 3 phones, for example, Sun, Smart, and Globe, you can load your Globe phone using your Smart sim and vice versa.

As a Technopreneur, you only need 1 Loadwallet to have SAVINGS on over 300 prepaid products.

How to replenish Loadwallet:
Go to VMobile Offices
Technopreneur to Technopreneur Transfers
MyLX/MyTurf Earnings Conversion
Bank Deposits to BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Unionbank, and UCPB.
GCash & Smart Money

2. TECHNOUSER ACCESS CARD SIGN UPS - Your Marketing Kit includes 20 Technouser Access Cards (including a VMobile MPower Sim powered by Smart) sold at P300 each.  This allows a person to register an account with VMobile and get “discounts” for their prepaid load consumption. 

Who are TechnoUsers? TechnoUsers are the CONSUMERS who wanted to have a LIFETIME personal DISCOUNT on their prepaid expenses and CONVENIENCE of loading themselves anytime anywhere but don’t want to invest as a Technopreneur. Their discount ranges from 10 to 12%.

Selling these cards give you P6,000.00 Return Of Investment PER ACCOUNT.

 3. TECHNOUSER OVERRIDE – Every time that your TechnoUsers will load themselves (which they will REALLY do), you will receive 1-2% override. This is passive income for you. Do you think they will stop loading themselves? Of course not! They are already enjoying their discounts so why would they stop loading themselves? :)

4.    MyTurf (TechnoUser Rewards Feature) Subscription Sales Override (SSO)

This is a program for TechnoUsers so that they can have a mini business for themselves even if they just invested a few hundreds.

Technousers can register another Technouser through this MyTurf Program. And for that, they can earn and have extra income as well. You may just want to contact me if you wanna know more how TechnoUsers earn here. BUT YOU, as a Technopreneur, you will earn ANOTHER PASSIVE INCOME! How great is that?! You will earn 40 pesos for each new sign up of Technosers through this program from 1st level up to 8th level and 20 pesos from 9th level up to infinity. You don’t know anything about the transactions of your TechnoUsers but you are still earning! ^_^

5. MyTurf PATRONAGE REWARD - Whenever your network of consumers (TechnoUsers and Technopreneurs) will consume MyTurf products (these are load products as well/wellness products), you'll earn 1% from their MyTurf consumption. This is another passive income for you.

6. DIRECT SALES INCENTIVE - If you shared this business to others, you're the one who told the person the concept of the business and that person availed of the franchise, you'll receive 500 pesos as a referral incentive per person. This is UNLIMITED. So if you shared the business to 5 people in a DAY, and these 5 people understood the concept of the business and invested for a franchise, you earned 2,500 pesos referral incentive in JUST one day. Just imagine if you just shared the business to one person in less than 30 minutes, you will earned 2,500 pesos in just 2 hours and 30 minutes!

7.    TEAM SALES BONUS - For every new person in your Team A and for every new person in your Team B and you made a pair, you'll receive a Team Sales Bonus of UP TO 500 pesos so even if you didn't know the names of the people joining your team, as long as it paired, you'll receive a BONUS. So it is VERY IMPORTANT that in this business, you know how to TEACH the people who trusted you and joined your team on how to do the business the RIGHT way. So in that way, this will be soon a passive income for you as well.

You want to know about what I personally thought about Multi-Level Marketing.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Pizza For Lunch at Pizza Hut - SM Molino

Pizza is not a normal lunch for Filipinos. We are basically rice and meat eaters. We love eating though. Last weekend when my mom arrives from her trip to Davao accompanying my sister in law. We visited my soon to be house at Molino Cavite.

After long hours of walking and searching.... we finally thought of having a lunch. I immediately decided to bring her to a pizza house.

The Drinks.... of course the never ending soda drink.... This time around its Pepsi Cola....

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs.... Hmmm... Delicious... I basically loved it...

I grew up in a mining land... but our main staple food of course is rice... However everytime we go to the market... We always buy potatoes. Every time we buy french fries or potato fries.... I always remember the joke in my hometown...

Which goes this way... (i hope i could translate it in a way that it is funny because it is really funny when said in our own dialect or local language)

Farmer: (went inside McDonald)
Service Crew: Good Morning Sir. How may I help you.
Farmer: I wanted to buy Burger Mc Do and coke please....
Service Crew.... Is that all sir? What about french fries sir?
Farmer: Thinking.... Hmmmm sounds delicious.... Yes I will have one of that....
Service Crew: Would that be all sir?
Farmer: Yes

The farmer took his order and sat. After a few minutes.

Farmer: Whattttt!!!!! Its Potatoes.... I thought this was something different because it was called French Fries.

Grrrrr its really difficult to tell a joke when you translate it...

And our Main Course....

Since they're already full.... they cant help themselves but play around with the camera.....

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Newport Performing Arts Theater: A place to watch Extravanganza Shows

The Newport Performing Arts Theater is a majestic venue for concerts, award-winning plays, musicals and exclusive productions and more. Its elegant design and state-of-the-art features make watching any show an experience unlike any other.

Isn't it that nice... Oh it shouldn't be just Nice but it should be elegant....

Me and my sister I think have one thing in common... The love of Theater..... I myself haven't been in any world class performing arts theater nor watched a world class performances....

This is one of my biggest dream when it comes to theater.... To at least watch it unfold....

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

OMG X-Factor Philippines: What's with Kedebon Colin

There might be thousands out there thinking: "What's with this little boy?" He still survives the cut and even made it to the Top 5 for X-Factor Philippines.

Well for me, he can sing but I don't think it is not enough to make it as a recording artist. His notes are almost everywhere. His fashion statement is not a very star like. His almost up there like a stand up comedian.
photo credit: Facebook

But who care's he has million fans out there who kept on voting him to stay and make it to the cut. His comedic act and the voice that is everywhere is his X FACTOR that is making him to the cut.

The other contestant might have a million peso voice but no one is as comedic as Kedebon. Maybe the show needs him to keep the rating up or maybe he is simply so talented as a Comedic Singer that makes him to the final cut.

Will Kedebon make it to TOP 5?
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ferdie Abuel Wedding Gown Creation

Here's another creation from Ferdie Abuel that is not always within the norms of wedding gowns....

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

James Reyes and Paul Cabral Wedding Gown

Here are some photos that I took during the Marry Me At Marriott A Grand Wedding Fair Fashion Show.

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