Thursday, May 31, 2012

Designing your Kitchen: Small Spaces

Kitchen for me is a vital part of the house because this is where you prepare and store your food. If you are about to create and or remodel your kitchen but your problem is that you have small space. I would suggest you consider the following:
  • Storage section
  • The lightning you use and
  • The Appliances you have or you want to have.
I would say that the storage part of the kitchen is my favorite. So I need to very picky on the design ideas I wanted for my kitchen. I wanted it to be playful but it has a lot of storage cabinets.

I wanted the kitchen to have a window. I wanted to have my kitchen to have natural light. This would give me more options in putting a plant on the window pane.

As I said having a lot of cabinets would also be a very good idea for me so i could separate everything that I need. I wanted my knife to have a separate drawer than the other silver wares and the kitchen utensils to have their own space. I think it would be easier for me to organize everything.

The color of the kitchen is very important as well. It gives definition to the kitchen and reflecting my personality and style as well.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Touching up with Pillows

I am obsessed with pillows or should I say I am a pillow addict. I don't exactly know why but I love to have pillows scattered in my bed. I would say that this would bring me to a dreamy comfortable state of mind. It seems like I am being carried to a far away land once I lay my head and tired body with pillows. Hugging them would feel like hugging a cloud.

Young and Fresh Pillow
Photo Credit
So when i decided to think of how I would decorate my bedroom, I automatically think of pillows. This gray and brown inspired pillows seems so classy and sophisticated. I would love to have this pillows to complement my small room.

Classy and sophisticated Pillows

Another inspiration that I also wanted to have is a modern and yet so elegant just like the photo below. The patterns are so catchy and so amusing. I loved the way the patterns are enter twined to come up with an elegant look. Modern and yet elegant... I love that.

Modern and Elegant Pillows

Another one that has a big impact on my personality is being playfulness and yet brings so peacefulness. The pillows don't have exact uniformity but it is being complemented with the colors that are being used. The flowers gives a different glow to the other pillows.

Playful and peaceful

Another inspiration that I wanted to achieve in my room is to show a youthful glow of the pillows and yet the patterns are still relaxing and simple. I wanted to have this kind of pillows the color.
Simple and Youthful Pillows
Photo Credit
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Office Attire for Her

I mean ladies would definitely have a lot in their wardrobes versus men. From make up to shoes to dress. I have collected a few of this as an inspiration and consideration of your must haves.

Lets start with dress. Below are some options you could use as an inspiration.

A lady should also consider a pant and a skirt.

Most women am sure would definitely always have either a wedge, flat shoes or heeled shoes.

 To have at least a pair of each kind of shoes would be easier for you to grab something else when you go to work or attend a party or even go to grocery stores.

Apart from those accessories would also be good to boost or complete a ladies attire or outfit.

A bag and a purse:

Bangles and Rings

Necklace and earrings

TIPS on using your Accessories:

  • Don't over use accessories. When I go to malls I see a lot of ladies who uses multiple bangles. If you tend to do so don't use ten bangles and ten necklace plus a pair of huge earrings and a huge ring. Concentrate on one layer only. If you tend to use layers of bangles just pair it with a simple earring.
  • Learn more about using accessories. Click here
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Masters Bedroom Ideas

For me bedroom is my sanctuary. Bedroom is a place to be alone and place to dwell peacefully. I find comfort in my own bedroom. So I wanted my sanctuary as perfect as possible no matter what it takes. It should match my personality.

Bedroom that has black built in cabinet and a touch of yellow. I wanted the idea of having the built in cabinet
gives more space. and clutter free. Its peaceful yet maximizing all the space that is needed. I also wanted where the bed is located. I personally wouldn't need much of the cabinet so this idea is so perfect must specially for small spaces.

Another bedroom idea to choose from is what i call My Brown inspired Bedroom. Call it literal but I would love to call it that way. hahaha I wanted this room because it is perfect again for small spaces. The cabinet is perfectly place right on top and just below it is a space where I could still place my memorabilia. It is also perfect for me because when I see this room it feels so serene.I also love the idea that the light is placed at the side.

I don't know why I am so in love with the striking color. My next idea for a bedroom is playfully built but not too busy to look. I love the color combination of my next bedroom idea. The room is simple yet elegant. There's nothing much in there but the color itself is a decoration.

Another one of course is the one that is closest to my heart. The color for me is so relaxing and no matter what happen it is not gloomy. The room color somehow perks up my most relaxing state of mind. I also love the idea that the bed has a built in drawers for me to put some of my clothes.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Condominium: My guide in buying

I am always fascinated with high rising buildings so when about 3 years ago, I am looking at a condominium unit in Makati and told myself I will stay in one of those condominium units one day. So I started researching about Condo Living.

I know for a fact that this type of housing is most likely smaller and that you have to maximize every space of the unit. I told myself that it would be okay since I am single anyway and no plans of getting married yet.
I love the way they design the living room here perfect for small spaces.
This looks perfect for me.

So if I will buy a condo unit what are the things that I should consider?

Since I am buying a property and it is not like I am buying a candy in a store, I would need to know the Developer. I was advised by a friend before that it is very important to know the developer, the quality of their work. In order for me to know all of this of course I would need to ask around. Ask those people who were able to buy a unit from them. Internet is also a very powerful tool. Know their experiences by reading articles or conversation in forums or blogs if there are.  The developer for me is the start my selling point. Consider not only one but at least 10 developers to choose from.

After knowing the developer it is now time to think about the location. My reason for buying a condo unit is the convenience that it provides. Accessibility and safety is the key for me to consider buying a condo unit. So the location of the building is very important. It is either within the heart of the city business district or its outskirt. The good thing about living in a condominium within the city business district answers all my  major concerns, it’s safer, its accessible, the building itself has better security features and amenities, its resell value could appreciate, better drainage system. However though, it is more expensive compared to its outskirt counterpart. Also, I have to consider the place itself, is this place prone to flooding, is it safe at night, am I near a convenient store or malls or super markets are just some of my consideration. One more thing, I want to consider the location of the unit itself. I wanted to my unit facing a certain view and might as well consider a mid –level and high floors. We know for a fact that these are the part of the floor that has better resell value in the future.

One major concern for me is the building itself. If I will buy a condo unit I want to check the actual building and check the materials that are used. Sometimes this minor detail speaks for the quality of the whole building and its management. Check on the door knobs, doors, tiles, glass and of course other fixings. I visited one 2 or 3 years ago, the model unit is fantastic and it looks so good but when I checked the actual unit that they have that was ready for turn over to the owner I saw some glitches that made me back off. The door on the entrance wasn’t nailed properly. I placed a red flag on this because I don’t trust a developer who is a scrimper in the materials or work they do.

Another one to consider is the elevator. I have to ask my self will this elevator be enough for the number of tenants or do I have to wait because there are only 2 or 3 elevators in the building. 

After ample consideration of this things now choose a condo according to your own specification of quality and of safety and convenience that you can afford. Its about time to look consider your budget. Hehehe

Might as well want to consider the following developers.

Share your knowledge about condominium by your comments. You can also paste links as to for affordable condo units.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I dreamed of a Glass House

My Dream Glass House

Five or six years ago, I dreamed of having my own house or should I say my own home. However, I am so undecided as to what type of house should I pursue. I have of course my own preference. I have my own idea as to how my dream house should look like or a patterned design.

I wanted a glass house. Glass house for me has a lot of advantages. For me, glass house gives me a definition of who I am and who I want to become. In fact I was thinking before that it is energy friendly and it’s sleeker and more stylish.

The Architectural Design I wished to do:

In the outside I wanted it to have feel and look of a modern. I also wanted it to be facing east in order for the living room to catch the perfect sunrise on a daily basis.

The facade of my Dream Glass House
When I go inside, I envisioned to have a cool living room, comfortable and there's not much of a clutter and still captures and the frames the front yard. I wanted it to look this way so i would know 

After a long day at work, of course we always wanted to have a welcoming bedroom. A place we can call it our own. A private place for myself, a place where I could totally lock out my worries behind. A place where i could relax but still I still wanted to frame the beauty of nature outside my private place. It gives me a moment to reflect.

I always wanted to have a bathroom with a glass roof. It provides a natural light for the bathroom.

And of course, the Dining Area. I wanted a Victorian inspired dining area.

Please note that pictures here are not my own. Kindly click on the pictures to redirect you to the authors of the said pictures.
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