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Growing up in a province is somehow challenging. It is challenging in so many ways. Challenging but also fulfilling. Maybe I am fulfilled with the life I have in the province however as like any teenager that time, I also dreamed to be working in Metro Manila (Ayala Ave to be specific). I am one among the probinsyano (probinsyano connotes to people from the province) who believes that there is more chance to be successful in Metro Manila. This is the dream that I chased after my college graduation way back in 2004. This is also the dream that made me dream to somehow land one of the biggest company worldwide and a leading company in terms of information.

Perseverance, hardwork and determination is my only vocabulary to ensure my spot in the busiest and largest city in the Philippines.

I may have not thank all the people who in one way or the other helped me to achieve my dreams one step at a time. Those who have trained me patiently and inspired me. I just would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart.
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