Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feb 14 is International Book Giving Day

We are participating in the International Book Giving Day. International Book Giving Day is an organization aimed to give used or brand new books to the hands of many children all across the globe.Accordingly there are 3 simple ways to celebrate International Book Giving Day. On February 14 you can 1. Give a book to a friend or a family member 2. Leave a book in a waiting room or lobby where there are children. and lastly 3. Donate a Book to a charitable institution or individuals like The Project Mountain Alphabet.

What we would do to celebrate?

We are still collecting used or brand new books from individual and or organizations all across the globe (if possible) and to fellow Filipinos. The book they shared will then be wrapped and shipped to Colalo Elementary School for our first beneficiary. We are helping them have their own working library.

Furthermore, we are doing fund raising. At present we are selling cupcakes to our office mates. The amount we collected will be used in buying brand new books on February 14 to be added to our collection. Also, I started collected plastic bottles to be sold on or before February 14 to be added to our collections of brand new books for Colalo Elementary School.

Lastly, we appeal to the public to help us make it happen. We are accepting all kinds of donations (in cash or in kind). Rest assured that it goes to our beneficiaries 100%.

For inquiries please feel free to send me an email at
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Playing by the book said...

Great to hear about your library project. The International Book Giving Day team will certainly do what we can to spread the word.

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