Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Project Mountain Alphabet Fund Raising Activity

Everything seems impossible when we are starting the Project Mountain Alphabet. Everything seems so distant. I even don't know how to start the project. However, as I open up with my friends and colleagues everything seems so easy. Ideas are blooming like a bud of flower. Help are pouring in like a drop of rain coming from the sky, a blessing from the sky. Volunteers are sprouting up like a grain of wheat from the field, very eager to grow and bear fruit.

So one of the idea that I came across from a friend is to sell cupcakes at a higher price since it is for a charity work which we did. One of our colleagues volunteered to bake the cupcake and sell it to us on an even price just enough to augment the price of the ingredients.

We sent a blast email to our colleagues and orders came in. I would like to take this chance to Thank all of them for sparing a little of their financial resources to help for a good cause. We were able to raise more or less a Php 2000. This can buy a few good story books that we still could share to the pupils of Colalo Elementary School.

I am sure that they would love reading the books we all share. I am sure they will cherish every moment they would spent in the library. I am sure they would always look back at their school and will remember that somehow, somewhere someone was out there willing to share what they have for them to learn and to be better.
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